Competition History

2000 NPC BodyRock 2000 - 1st Place Novice Lightweight
2001 NGA Annapolis Bodybuilding Championships - 1st Place MiddleWeight
2001 NGA Potomac Cup - 1st Place Middleweight
2002 INBF Natural Atlantic Coast - 1st Place Middleweight/Overall Winner - Pro Card*
2003 WNBF Pro International - 1st Place Lightweight
2004 WNBF Mr. Universe - 1st Place Middleweight
2004 WNBF Pro International - 2nd Place Lightweight
2006 WNBF US Pro Cup - 2nd Place Middleweight
2007 IFPA Gaspari Nutrition Pro - 2nd Place
2007 IFPA Yorton Cup Pro - 3rd Place
2008 IDFA Toronto Classic - 1st Place
2013 IFPA St.Louis Pro - 1st Place & Overall Winner

Before and After
Whew, you have come a long way baby! This is a picture of me in February 1996 holding my daughter and another of me in November of 2001. I began weight training in June of 1998 for recreation and basically occupy my time in between work.. Two years later, I entered my first bodybuilding competition at the NPC Bodyrock held in Virginia. I took the novice lightweight class and after that I was hooked!

I then set my sights on obtaining my pro card in a drug free organization that conducted polygraph along with urinalysis testing. Therefore, in 2002, my only focus was to get turn pro which I was very happy to have accomplished!