Below are links to some sites that provide detailed workout programs with video or pictorial instructions.

Target a particular bodypart -

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Current Training Schedule

Off Season Training

Monday – Legs
Tuesday – Chest
Wednesday – Back
Thursday – Shoulders
Saturday – Arms

Pre Contest Training Schedule

Monday – Quads
Tuesday – Chest, Shoulders, Triceps
Wednesday – Back, Biceps
Thursday – Shoulders, Chest
Friday – Hamstrings, Calves
Saturday – Biceps/Triceps

On Tuesday, I will do a full blown Chest workout, then do 3 sets of a shoulder and tricep exercise

On Wednesday, I will do a full blown Back workout and 3 sets of Bicep work.

Thursday – I will do a full shoulder workout and throw in 3 sets of a chest presses.

I generally don’t train abs because once I start dieting they come in. They get a lot of indirect work from heavy squatting and deadlifting so I do ab work intermittently usually in between sets of another exercise to keep them sharp.